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Black Nights Film Festival unveils EurAsia competition line-up spanning countries from India to Norway and South Korea to Spain

The festival 16th edition’s titles include films from Michael Winterbottom, Margarethe von Trotta, Ulrich Seidl but also more exotic filmmakers for Northern European viewers.

Halima’s Path, a Balkan co-production dealing with the painful recent history of Bosnia, has its international premiere at Black Nights in Tallinn. The Norwegian love story Uskyld / All That Matter is Past has premiered just a few weeks before the Black Nights start on 12th November. Three films nominated for foreign film Oscar – the hilarious political satire Mushrooming from Estonia, Keep Smiling from Georgia and Blancanieves from Spain - were selected for the programme even before their Oscar nominations were made public. For the Indian film The Stagnant the Black Nights programme is the premiere screening in Europe.

Most films on the programme have premiered in recent weeks and months and have their regional premieres at the Black Nights. There are five debuts among the competition films.

Last year’s grand prix was awarded to the Chinese director Ann Hui who won the hearts of the jury with a moving drama „Simple life“.

Twenty films competing for the grand prix of the festival – 10 000 euros:

  • Everyday – director Michael Winterbottom (UK)
  • A Lady in Paris / Eestlanna Pariisis – director Ilmar Raag (Estonia, France, Belgium)
  • Halima's Path / Halimin put – director Arsen A. Ostojic (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina)
  • Hannah Arendt – director Margarethe von Trotta (Germany)
  • Keep Smiling – director Rusudan Chkonia (Georgia, France)
  • In the House / Dans la maison – director Francois Ozon (France)
  • Kolka Cool – director Juris Poškus (Latvia 2011)
  • Blancanieves – director Pablo Berger (Spain)
  • My Fathers Bike / Moj rower – director Piotr Trzaskalski (Poland)
  • Rhino Season / Fasle kargadan – director Bahman Ghobadi (Iran, Turkey)
  • Paradise: Faith / Paradies: Glaube – director Ulrich Seidl (Austria, France, Germany)
  • Beijing Flickers / Youzhong – director Zhang Yang (China)
  • Boy Eating the Birds Food / To agori troei to fagito tou pouliou – director Ektoras Lygizos (Greece)
  • Betrayal / Izmena – director Kirill Serebrennikov (Russia)
  • Mushrooming / Seenelkäik – director Toomas Hussar (Estonia)
  • All That Matter is Past / Uskyld – director Sara Johnsen (Norway)
  • The Weight – director Jeon Kyu-hwan (South Korea)
  • House with Turret / Dom s bashenkoy – director Eva Neymann (Ukraine)
  • Stagnant / Achal – director Bikramjit Gupta (India)
  • Wadjda – director Haifaa Al-Mansour (Saudi Arabia, Germany)

The complete programme of the Black Nights will go live on 8 November on www.poff.ee. Tickets for Black Nights Film Festival are on sale starting 9 November on www.piletilevi.ee.

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